Souls and Stairs

Amidst the raging heat of the sun, while his naked thin, weak body has been slowly devoured by the dust and smoke puked out by the rustling vehicles in the core of the busy streets; there, he lie.

There he lies…hoping that someday, somebody would be able to hear his silent cry, his deep clamor.

There he lies…Hoping that someday a real hero would hoard him (them) from the dark reality that they are into now.

There he lies…hoping that one day a great change will occur… that that change will be able to unveil the reality behind the white gleaming mask of false righteousness, the mask that hides the deadly shadow of those who sits on the highest throne of our society.

There he lies…Hoping that he’s just inside an illusionary nightmare… that everything is just a dreadful figment of his imagination, that his whole being has not been consumed by our rotten system…

That everything is just fine. And he is blissful and contented.

▬ Emeth

this Photo was taken on one of the many foot bridges near PUP Sta. Mesa Mla.

~ by angmalaya on August 31, 2010.

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